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Choosing a good nutritional diet for your cat is a very important decision to make, and we understand just how important it is. At our practice we highly recommend and encourage a high quality canned food diet with an addition of homemade food. A cats wild diet consists of about 7% carbohydrate and canned food contains more proteins and moisture which are both very beneficial to cats. Unfortunately dry foods were developed for marketability and convenience, not for nutritional value in mind. Cats do not have the enzyme needed to metabolize carbohydrates, which is what dry food is mostly made up of. "Carb Charts" can help you find the right diet for you and your feline companion by allowing you to see different kinds of brand name foods to help you make an educated decision on what kind of food will work best for you and your cat. If you  already have your cat on a dry food diet and you want to make the switch to canned food we will help with every step of the way.  We encourage you to use our resource links to help you with making the choice of what kind of canned food will be best suited for you and your kitty. 

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