We are thoughtful in taking every precaution to help your cat have a calm, safe, and pain-free surgery experience. 

When we prepare a patient for a surgical procedure, the first step is running pre-anesthetic in-house lab work, placing an intravenous catheter, and providing pre-anesthetic (comfort) medications.  These medications reduce stress and the amount of anesthetic gas needed during the procedure.  We induce anesthesia with a safe medication that again allows us to minimize the anesthetic gas used for the remainder of the surgery. The hair around the surgical site is clipped, and the area is cleaned. 

Our surgical suite is dedicated exclusively to aseptic surgical procedures. During the entire anesthetic event we monitor your cat very closely. We use an electronic monitor to take the following vital signs: heart rate, oxygen saturation of the blood, ECG, blood pressure, respiratory rate, capnography (measures the quality of each breath), and temperature. We provide heat support and IV fluid therapy to help maintain and treat the vital signs.  With all of the steps used we minimize the risk of anesthetic complications.

While your cat is waking up we provide consistent monitoring, warmth, consistent oxygen therapy, pain medication as needed to be sure that the recovery period is as safe and comfortable as possible.  From start to finish your cat’s overall well-being and comfort are our primary concern.  

Depending on the type of procedure, your cat may need to stay with us overnight or for a few days to ensure that they receive the best post-operative support and care possible.



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